Remanufactured Items.
Many items are now becoming virtually impossible to obtain
or pre-used items are no better than that which requires to be replaced.
So the Parts Club are remanufacturing to original or better quality.

Daimler V8 cylinder heads

With the alloy Daimler V8 cylinder heads suffering corrosion over the years they are now becoming more and more difficult to obtain. Therefore the Club have commissioned the recasting of these heads.
The castings are being machine contoured for better gasflow and efficiency and the first is currently being tested on the engine of the Club's Utility.
Watch this page for availability.

Daimler V8 Spin-on Oil Filter Adapter.

How much more convenient to install a spin-on oil filter on a modern car than to replace the filter in its canister on the Daimler V8.
The webmaster knows from experience that the canister seal can easily be 'nipped up' on replacement. Oil can then be pumped out, with potentially disasterous results.
Hence the webmaster had an adapter made in order to take a standard spin-on filter. Now the Club has these available at a much cheaper price than the webmaster had paid!
Please note that these adapters are only available on an exchange basis against your own oil filter mount so that further adapters can be manufactured.

Daimler V8 and Jaguar Mk II Heater Upgrade Kits

The Club has sourced upgrade kits to actually give some warmth from the above heaters, which has to be an improvement on the pretty useless original Smiths heater. A reasonably priced kit virtually replaces the original heater, while at the same time retaining the original casing, controls and appearance.
The kit contains a new heater radiator, Canadian made motor, larger fan, and all wiring etc., down the the last nut, bolt and washer.

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